4 week Postnatal Pilates – Starts Monday 6th November

Perinatal Mental Health Cymru has teamed up with Alyson a postnatal Pilates instructor with 30 years experience.

We have Mum +One fitness every Monday at the Llandaff North Hub, Cardiff from 2 – 2.45 however with our fitness instructor off on maternity leave we have now introduced postnatal Pilates.

Postnatal Pilates which is to help new mums (and not so new!) to strengthen the muscles weakened during pregnancy and in giving birth.

The class focus is on breathing, posture, pelvic stability and strength, core strength which includes abdominal and pelvic floor. Regaining strength in these areas will help with day to day life and activities and help you to feel in control of your body.

The 4 week postnatal Pilates class will start on Monday 6th November.
1pm – 1.45pm at The Llandaff North Hub
Babies up to crawling are welcome
Mums must be at least 6 weeks postnatal

Mum +One fitness will be back in January at the usual time of 2pm.

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