Are you looking for Perinatal Mental Health Training – We can come to you!

Are you looking for Perinatal mental health training?

We have just successfully trained up a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Volunteer peer support workers, social workers, midwives and health visitors in Cardiff. Our next stop is Swansea on December 5th.

Training is provided by Mark Williams (International fathers mental health day founder) and Perinatal Mental Health Cymru founder Charlotte Harding.

Mark Williams

International Fathers Mental Health Day Founder Mark Williams is well qualified in mental health through his personal experience of panic attacks and postnatal depression following the traumatic birth of his son, a mental breakdown in 2011, living with ADHD and the extensive training he has undertaken.  He also experienced the difficulty of trying to support his wife Michelle who suffered severe postnatal depression while being unwell himself. Mark has spoken at many conferances around perinatal mental health and birth trauma how it can effect the father too.

Mark trained in Perinatal Mental Health with Dr. Jane Hanley, Past-President of The Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health and takes part in her professional mentoring days delivering speeches from a father’s perspective.

Charlotte Harding

Charlotte is the founder of Perinatal Mental Health Cymru. Charlotte has a lived experience of postpartum psychosis, perinatal anxiety and depression. She has suffered and recovered from alcoholism, self harm, agoraphobia and had an 8 year battle with eating disorders.
Charlotte raises awareness of mental illness and actively campaigns to stop to stigma associated with poor mental health – Charlotte openly talks about living with a diagnosis of bipolar type 2, personality disorder, anxiety and panic disorder.
Charlotte has experience in counselling and working with advance substance misuse, has training in mental health, BME mental health, foetal alcohol, new psychoactives, improving perinatal mental health and has the relevant and up to date safeguarding and POVA training.
Charlotte is member off the ‘All Wales Perinatal Mental Health steering group’ and the ‘All Wales Perinatal Mental Health Pathway development group.

Both trainers are looking to deliver the training across Wales, so whether you are a small peer support group or team of midwives this workshop is sure to be an eye opener for all who attend.

During the training you will learn how to identify the following –

  • Antenatal depression
  • Postnatal depression
  • Postpartum psychosis
  • Perinatal OCD
  • PTSD and birth trauma
  • Antenatal anxiety
  • Postnatal anxiety
  • Fathers mental health

You will learn handy tips on how to approach mums who may be suffering and the right things to say.
You will also be able to identify if a partner is suffering from mental health difficulties following the birth of a baby.
The training will provide you with an insight into how it feels for the mums and how it feels for partners.

Upon completion of the training you will be able to identify a perinatal mental health illness and know what support is available in your local area.

This training is offered at a reduced rate for anyone volunteering in the 3rd sector and NHS staff.
The next training morning is:

Tue 5 December 2017
10:00 – 13:00

Swansea Trauma Support Consultancy, Training & Healing Centre
Metropole Chambers Salubrious Passage

Please be sure to book your place fast as places are limited. To book click HERE 

If you would like us to come to you, please email –


Our training testimonials

‘Very worthwhile visit to Cardiff, informative – large focus of Fathers which I did not expect but has taught me to be more aware as a midwife.
Would be useful as part of health board mandatory/professional update training.’

‘As I had no previous experience or knowledge this session was very helpful in bringing me up to date with whats happening.
The presentation was clear and easy to understand. I was worried there would be specific jargon based information that I would have to follow up with research but it was not like that. Great!!’

‘Really good informative session. Best thing is hearing first hand experiences. Having resources and being able to contact in future is great.
I will pass on Mark and Charlotte’s details to Swansea University Midwifery Society to arrange a study day for student midwives. Thank you!’

‘Excellent taster session, would look forward to another course going in more depth; including what not to say and ideally the best ways to communicate. Really enjoyed. Would be great to have a session in Hwyel dda health board. Thanks!’

‘Great knowledge to share, felt my awareness and understanding has developed. The real life stories and scenarios help put into context lived experiences.
Marks information on who to refer to ie – resources and charities.
Man tips ie – specific communication tips and questions to use.’

‘Training has defiantly increased my awareness of what men can go through. Whilst I don’t think my husband had PND I understand the impact my mental health had on him’

‘Really helpful session. I learned a lot as had no real experience of any of the content before. Lots of food for thought of positive changes I can make at work.
Also great to hear input from other attendees. Also good to hear much more about dads experiences’

‘The presentation was really informative and engaging. Both Mark and Charlotte are extremely knowledgeable and provide useful slides and video clips to ensure we have a basic understanding/awareness of perinatal mental health.’

‘This was a good insight into perinatal mental health. Great speakers who gave an honest personal account of these different situations.
Would be great to have an update on this – more advanced course.
Having something done in our health board (Hywel dda) would be great.’

‘Brilliant course and very informative. I would definitely be interested in a longer course, very much feels like the beginning of the subject. I like that you touched on different aspects of perinatal mental health. Really hope this information gets out into the community further.’

‘Extremely enlightening in regard to the impact on males and family dynamics. It is hoped that perinatal mental health will become a more ‘accepted’ mental health issue with robust support’


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