ITV Wales video for Mental Health Awareness

When I was asked to talk about my experience of postpartum psychosis for Mental Health Awareness I jumped at the chance. I am passionate about raising awareness for mental health, particularly perinatal mental health but I am sure you all knew that….It is the reason I foundered PMH Cymru!

When the reporter came to the house I was having one of my bad days, I felt nervous. I have shared my story with so many through my blogs or in interviews but this was different. I was going to speak to the camera direct, something that I have never done before.  I almost did not do the filming as I felt so anxious but I am glad I did…

Today I got to see the finished video…WOW…I was brought to tears. I love how they captured the special moments I share with my boys. Even now I feel guilt over how I felt after having my sons but just looking at us in this video helps me though these feelings of guilt.

Here is the article

For more information on Postpartum Psychosis please visit Action on Postpartum Psychosis

For perinatal and parental support in South Wales please visit PMH Cymru


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