Thank you Asda Coryton – Green tokens, please vote for PMH Cymru!

Thank you Asda for choosing PMH Cymru as a local charity!!

Asda Coryton, Cardiff work with local schools, charities and good causes to help make the community around the store a better place to live, work and grow up in.

Perinatal Mental Health Cymru is a registered Charity. We are based in Cardiff North and at present you can vote for us at the Asda Coryton store.

When you shop you are given a green token…Use your green token in store to vote for one of three local good causes.

Vote PMH Cymru

Please shoppers think of us and the hard work we put in to helping families in Cardiff with maternal mental health related illness.

Perinatal mental health refers to a woman’s mental health during pregnancy and the first year after birth. This includes mental illness existing before pregnancy, as well as illnesses that develop for the first time, or are greatly exacerbated in the perinatal period.

Examples of perinatal mental illness include antenatal depression, postnatal depression, anxiety, perinatal obsessive compulsive disorder, postpartum psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These illnesses can be mild, moderate or severe, requiring different kinds of care or treatment.

Please think PMH Cymru next time you shop at Asda and you get the chance to vote for a worthy cause!

Asda Cardiff Coryton Supercentre

Longwood Drive, Coryton roundabout,

Cardiff, CF14 7EW

Thank you everyone!!


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